L-Acoustics ARCS WiFo Leads System Retrofit At Radiant Church In Michigan

From its start in 1996 as a small independent plant by Grandville, Michigan’s Resurrection Life Church, Radiant Church in the Richland suburb of Kalamazoo has steadily grown its membership to 3,500 members.

Recently expanding its service count to four each weekend – two on Saturday and two on Sunday – the church also freshly upgraded the audio facilities of its 1,050-seat sanctuary with a new ARCS “WiFo” (Wide and Focus) loudspeaker system from L-Acoustics.

Parkway Electric & Communications of Holland, MI provided the design and integration of the new system, which replaced an outdated PA rife with hot/dead spots and uneven low-frequency coverage. The installation and commissioning process took Parkway only four days, which also included re-purposing the previous rig for the church’s youth facility. Continue reading “L-Acoustics ARCS WiFo Leads System Retrofit At Radiant Church In Michigan”

Church Sound: Upgrading Essential System Components

“How do I get the biggest change in my sound quality for the smallest investment?”

I’m often asked this question from cash-strapped churches that need a sound system upgrade but don’t have the funds to accomplish it all at once.

If it’s the sound operator who approaches me first, his goal is usually to get a new mixing board. If it’s the worship leader, he’s usually focused on microphones and/or monitors.

Then there’s the pastor, who’s most often interested in the solution that will get everybody else to stop bothering him.

So what’s the answer? Continue reading “Church Sound: Upgrading Essential System Components”