Missing The Action

This past Sunday I was out of town, and I missed the action. Did I enjoy the time away with my family? Yes. Am I glad that I took the time away? Yes. But still I missed it and I think that is not only okay its good. Now I would not trade the time away, but the feeling of missing out was present.

On Monday, I attended our weekly worship planning meeting. During that meeting I learned that the team performed their tasks flawlessly. It is awesome to be away and to not have to worry about whether or not things will go well. There is a huge difference between being fearful of something going wrong and feeling like you missed the action.

For me the feeling of missing the action tells me that I am still excited and want to be in the game! A pastor friend of mine once said to me on a Sunday morning where he had no responsibility for anything in the service that he felt like a racehorse ready to run but locked up in the stables. I get that, if I am around any production I naturally am drawn to be involved. It’s just in my blood!

So, do I feel I need to be involved in every service? No! I just know that if I am not involved I will have this natural draw to be involved. I also know that if I am away I will feel like I missed something.

So are you dreading Sunday or do you anticipate the day? If you’re gone do you feel like you missed something???

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