Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit

Loving the led wall….. After a little scare on the satellite feed for the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit

Great speakers, great content, and spectacular looking video!    I am seriously considering replacing my main screen (9’x16′) with an led wall.  The technology is there and price is dropping.

Midas M32 Demo Recap

Recently I had the opportunity to get a hands on sneak peek with the Midas M32. In my circles I have never seen so much anticipation or “hype” about a new piece of gear. In this case the “hype” doesn’t necessarily come from Midas (other than they announced it WAY before they were able to ship and have moved the ship date back numerous times). The “hype” is from the people that either own an X32, have had experience on an X32 or the ones who can’t believe you can buy a Midas Desk for $5,000.00. Continue reading “Midas M32 Demo Recap”